Budgeting made easy.

Zebit Instant Budget is the fastest and easiest budgeting tool available. Download the app to learn how your monthly spending compares to others like you. Then learn where to cut back and how to save. Let’s get started.


  • Get Your Budget. Instantly.

    Complete 4 simple questions—your zip code, income, people in your household, and if you have kids—to see what others just like you have budgeted for housing, food, transportation, and a whole lot more.

    ZIB Home – ZIB Output Detailed
  • Compare Your Budget

    Enter your monthly spending amounts, and see how much you are over and under spending compared to your peers in your area. How do you match up?

    ZIB Home – Custom Budget
  • Reach your savings goal.

    Now that you know where you should be spending less or saving more, we help you set goals. View tips from others who successfully cut back and reached their goal. It may be as simple as saving leftovers for a later meal.

    ZIB Home – ZIB Savings Plan

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